Open Calls

GabaGhoul - A Mafia Horror Anthology is OPEN for submissions!

October Nights Press will be seeking submissions for “GabaGhoul: A Mafia Horror Anthology”. This anthology will merge the thrills and chills of horror with the dark underworld and dealings of the mafia. A hitman haunted by past contracts? A boss who dabbles in the dark arts? A ghastly horror lurking in the shadows that chills the most hardened capo to the bone? There are so many themes to explore and organized crime groups from around the world.

We are accepting stories from all horror sub-genres. Slow burn, splatter, erotica, extreme, etc are all welcomed so long as they marry horror with the mafia.


- Stories should have a minimum word count of 3,000. Payment caps at 5,000 words.

- Stories must be horror and mafia themed, including mafia famalies and crime organizations from all over the world. 

- No reprints

- Simultaneous submissions are fine but please let me know

- Absolutely no AI-written or AI-assisted stories. Seriously, you’ll be whacked.


- One physical author copy (Domestic shipping only)*

- Ebook copy

- 3¢ per word payment up to 5,000 words; payment made upon acceptance of final edited story

* For international authors, physical book options will be discussed between editor and author.


Submissions will be accepted until July 31, 2024

How to Submit

Please send your completed story as a word document to [email protected] with the subject line: “GabaGhoul Submission: [Your Story Title].”

For any inquiries or further information, please contact me at [email protected]. Estimated publication date will be 4th Quarter 2024.

Write me a story I can’t refuse.

Buona fortuna!

Mark C. Scioneaux